Camplified is Coming to Breezemont!

  • Posted by on July 21, 2016

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    What’s that Sound at Breezemont? Breezemont will be hosting Camplified on August 5th to offer campers an immersive music experience. It’s like a wholesome Coachella for kids! Professional musicians jam out while campers play their air guitars and even get the chance to hit the DJ booth with Pioneer DJ. Along with snapping pictures at the photobooth, campers get to partake in carpool karaoke inside Camplified’s tour-wrapped SUV with actual band members! There are endless activities offered by Camplified, including KanJam games, awesome spin art, a camper dance-off sponsored by Dizzy Feet, and more to keep campers excited and engaged.

    Besides fun, Camplified also offers tangible benefits. Campers will develop a wide range of skills and abilities as a result of their interactive experience! Our world is one big, musical place. Babies, toddlers, and adolescents (even adults!) alike find joy in listening to rhythms and tunes. Researchers from the University of Southern California found that “music instruction speeds up the maturation of the auditory pathway” of the brain.

    And Breezemont doesn’t stop at Camplified! Arts are a huge part of our programming at camp, and we offer lots of activities to encourage creativity and movement. For the child with ‘ants in their pants,’ integrating music with movement is the perfect fit. In gymnastics and dance, our skilled instructors show campers how to put their twists and turns to some tunes. These classes not only promote music education and exercise, but they’re also a blast.

    Breezemont Day Camp offers these types of activities and more! Parents and families are always welcome to join campers at Campfire Night every other Thursday for classic campfire songs. Also, Breezemont is a proud sponsor of the Summer Concert Series presented by the Chappaqua-Millwood Chamber of Commerce. They invite awesome groups to perform every Wednesday at 7PM at the Chappaqua Rec Field. You bring your singing voices – we’ll bring the bounce house and gaga pit!