Have you seen us around your neighborhood?

  • Posted by on December 11, 2015

    As some of you may remember, Breezemont got a special new addition to our camp family over the summer. Blue Lightning, a Breezemont blue car, was an exciting new feature to Summer 2015 that campers and camp families voted on to name.IMG_0616

    Now, Blue Lightning is out and about all over Westchester! You will see our car parked at our fun events, the local bookstore, and even at some Westchester Knicks games. If you see the car out, snap a picture of it and post it to our Facebook page or Tweet it to us with #findBZMT. Everyone who participates will receive a special surprise in the mail.

    Can you recognize other famous cars? Take this quiz on famous movie cars and the first person to get a 100% on the quiz will get a Breezemont surprise!

    Where will Blue Lightning be next?