Campers walking together and holding hands.


Breezemont prides itself on it’s deep roots within the communities we serve. To that end, we have formed strong and long lasting relationships with the following organizations. They all exemplify the same values and caring spirit that we stand for and instill upon our campers during the summer months. Our goal is to see campers carry on this attitude of graciousness and generosity long after they leave the fields of Breezemont and getting involved in helping others is a great way to start. It truly does take a community to raise children and we are lucky to be a part of such a great one.

Project Morry Logo

Project Morry is Breezemont’s official partner in the community. Project Morry is dedicated to giving youth from underserved communities, in and around the New York City metropolitan area, enriching learning opportunities through a curriculum based on school gatherings and an intensive summer camp program. The children, for whom these experiences would not otherwise be available, benefit from a network of support and gain increased social skills, enhanced self-esteem, positive core values, and a greater sense of personal responsibility. For more information, visit the Project Morry Website.