A person grabbing a slice of cheesy pizza


Breezemont provides delicious, well-balanced meals every day for lunch! We have our very own chef and kitchen, and a certified nutritionist designs our menu to be child friendly with a large variety of options.


Each camper is provided with a morning snack and afternoon snack in order to keep them energized and ready to take on their day. Morning snacks are generally a snack item such as goldfish or pretzel sticks and Afternoon Snacks are usually an ice pop or fruit bar (and occasionally ice cream!).


At Breezemont, we are sensitive and considerate of all allergies and nutritional needs. Our Allergy Specialist works with our Food Services Director and Medical Director to ensure that every allergy is handled with the proper caution and attention.

We do our best to make sure that the allergy-friendly menu mirrors the regular menu, when possible, to ensure campers are not feeling left out or ostracized for having an allergy. We can aptly handle specific food allergies or individual requests, in order to guarantee that every camper enjoys their meals at camp!