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We have many different staff positions available at Breezemont Day Camp, and we are currently accepting applications for Summer. We are looking for hardworking, personable individuals who have experience working with children. Staff members are hired for their ability to be empathic, patient, organized, enthusiastic, responsible, encouraging, and a team player. Please review the available positions and fill out an application if you are interested in pursuing employment opportunities at Breezemont Day Camp.



Must be at least 16 years of age on the first day of camp. Applicants must possess the enthusiasm, patience, desire, and social skills to guide 12-15 campers through 10 activity periods of the camp day, including lunch. Must be willing and physically able to participate in a wide variety of regular and special camp activities, including land sports, aquatics, arts, and more.


Applicants must be able to organize and lead campers from Pre-K to 8th grade (ages 3 – 13) in age-appropriate games and provide skill enrichment relative to a specific activity. Must also be able to give direction and utilize counselors working within groups, and maintain a SAFE and FUN area. Resources and training for this position are provided by individual Heads of Department. Positions are available in both Land Sports and Fine & Performing Arts.


Must be at least 15 years of age on the first day of camp. CITs are offered the chance to gain leadership experience with hands-on training and supervision from our full-time & summer staff. Participants will spend time working within camper groups, supervised by Group Leaders, and with various camp operations positions (ie: office, program, special events, transportation, etc.). There are a limited number of positions available.


The position is supervisory in nature. Camp staff leadership experience is helpful. Group Leaders are responsible for groups of 12-15 campers in a specific age group, as well as 3-5 counselors and assistant staff, in all aspects of the camp day. Applicants must be able to lead and mentor assigned counselors in daily camp policies and procedures, activity area best practices, day-to-day program, camper control, discipline techniques, and group management, as well as communication with parents on a weekly/daily basis. Must assist in supervision during instructional and free swim periods.


Experience with teaching children on a Challenge Course is helpful, but not required. Breezemont provides a free certification course and orientation. Applicants must be able to organize and teach skills to groups of campers from Pre-K to 8th grade (ages 3 – 13), with the assistance of group counselors. The adventure area contains both ropes and climbing, and staff rotates between elements. Must be able to enforce established safety regulations, identify and manage environmental and other hazards related to the activity, and apply emergency health care procedures related to the activity and the participants. Must possess the ability to give direction to counselors working within groups, and maintain a SAFE and FUN area.


Lifeguarding experience is not necessary but is helpful. Must possess or be willing to obtain a current American Red Cross Lifeguarding certification. American Red Cross First Aid certificates and CPR (child & adult) required. Water Safety Instructor (WSI) certification is encouraged, but not required. Applicants must be comfortable teaching swim lessons for non-swimmers, under the supervision of the WSI’s, maintain camper records, and guard pools as needed. You need to have the ability and patience to work on the pool deck and at the lakefront every day in summer weather, both in and out of the water.


Must be at least 15 years of age on the first day of camp. The hospitality staff works with the head chef in the daily operation of the camp food service. This position includes working in and around industrial-sized kitchen equipment, and routine sanitation of the kitchen and related equipment. Applicants should possess a willingness to work in a fast-paced and fun setting.


Applying for something at camp that isn’t listed here? Tell us more about what you would like to do here at camp and we can always discuss further.



  • ALL positions are a full-time commitment of 8 weeks – Monday through Friday, from 8:15 am-4:30 pm, 3 days of mandatory staff orientation and possible additional trainings depending on position.
  • Jobs on campus may require lifting equipment in excess of 25 pounds.
  • For all positions at camp, we are required to run a background check for prospective staff above 18 years old. By continuing this application you consent to a background check.


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