Staff posing for a photo together in front of a camp building.


Breezemont staff is comprised of highly skilled and experienced leaders, teachers, instructors, coaches, and counselors, who have the maturity, dedication, energy, and passion needed to create life-changing summers. Our qualified staff members return year after year and dedicate their summers to impacting the lives of children. Many of our counselors grew up right here at Breezemont; they truly care about our thriving camp community and are committed to ensuring that each camper has the best experience imaginable.

After completing our rigorous application and interview process, staff are hired for their ability to be empathetic, patient, organized, responsible, kind, and encouraging. Our staff are trained by child development professionals and camping experts during a comprehensive pre-camp orientation, and they receive continuous training, feedback, and evaluations throughout the summer.

During their child development training, staff are taught how to help children explore, use creativity, and extend their curiosity about the world. Breezemont staff are committed to addressing each camper’s individual needs while maintaining a safe and fun environment. Counselors focus on creating group cohesion and encourage opportunities for growth, and self-esteem building.

Specialists create child-driven activities, using high-level, age-appropriate, instruction while teaching campers how to work collaboratively and take ownership over the activity and their emerging skills.

The lasting connections that Breezemont campers make with their counselors are invaluable. Counselors also help facilitate meaningful friendships between campers and are dedicated to their campers’ social and emotional development throughout the summer. Our staff is known for their ability to celebrate achievements, engage in empathic listening, and be there for your child as a supportive friend and role model.


We have many different staff positions available at Breezemont Day Camp, and we are currently accepting applications for summer!