Enrolled Families


We are thrilled to welcome families to Breezemont Day Camp! Whether you are joining us for your first summer or your fifth summer, we truly appreciate your support and trust in us to make every camper’s summer extraordinary. We are maintaining all of the lasting camp traditions and established values, with new and always improving facilities and exciting innovative program enhancements.

We are so happy to have you joining us and we can’t wait to see you for what will be another incredible summer! In the meantime, please read the Info to Know below and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Please have a look at our Parent Handbook.

Summer Open House

Our Summer Open House let’s campers and their families meet the staff who will be working with them all summer. Campers also get the chance to ride and explore a bus with their parents so when the first day of camp rolls around they are experienced riders.

Families can spend time exploring camp and getting to know where their kids will spend their summer days. Group Staff Members, Activity Specialists, Lifeguards and Head Staff will all be ready to answer questions and show you around camp.

Division Leaders, Group Leaders, Counselors and more!

At Breezemont we make the care and attention of our campers our top priority. In order to do that we hire qualified and engaging staff so your child’s summer at camp is successful, memorable and full of new & treasured experiences. To help you keep track of who is looking after your kids, we’ve broken down our staffing model below.

          Junior Camp – Campers age 3, 4 and entering Kindergarten

         Each group in Junior Camp has 4 members of staff as well as a CIT (Counselor in training) who travel to each activity along with the group. There are 1-2 specialists at each activity area in addition to the 4 staff members and CIT. The leadership consists of one Group Leader (either a teacher or a parent), a senior counselor and two General Counselors.

         Upper Camp – Campers entering 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade

         In Upper Camp, campers are gaining more independence and in order to let them grow, we structure things a little bit differently. Campers have a Division Leader who oversees multiple groups of campers. In each group are 3 members of staff: one Team Leader and two General Counselors.

         Varsity Camp – Campers entering 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th grade

       Varsity Campers are getting older and exploring things on a whole new level physically and socially. Campers still have a Division Leader who oversees multiple groups of campers. In each group are 3 members of staff: one Team Leader and two General Counselors.

Early Drop-Off and Late Pick-Up

We are happy to offer this service to our families on an as needed basis.

Parents can drop-off their campers as early as 7:30am. Early drop-off campers can eat breakfast, play games and get a head start on the day chatting with friends and members of staff. Breezemont provides staff members dedicated to looking after these campers.

Late Pick-Up means parents can pick up their campers as late as 6:30pm. Like early drop-off, campers who are staying late have activities, snacks and staff members set aside just for them.