For Parent’s Eyes Only

Camp isn’t just a job…

  • It is so much more! Camp is a place where our staff will be able to have fun, learn, grow, gain skills, socialize, build their resume, and more — all while being paid!
  • We don’t think of camp simply as a job, but instead as a place where staff will develop who they are further. Staff members end the summer having had an unforgettable experience, acquired new skills and adding some money to their bank accounts 🙂 
  • Whether this is the best summer of your child’s life or a tough summer for them, it is going to be a summer that they will never forget and one where they are going to learn and grow!
  • It is okay for them to work hard and for it to be uncomfortable – that is them growing!
  • We promise that we will be there to listen, coach and support them along the way.

Camp Is “The Ultimate” Paid Internship

  • Camp really is the best internship in the world! While many might want to get an internship in their future field, we advocate for camp being the perfect internship and summer job!
  • Camp provides staff with a fun environment where they can learn and grow. Staff working at camp not only earn money and have fun, but they also learn pertinent skills that they can apply to their future careers as well as soft skills and life skills that simply aren’t taught in the classroom.
  • What companies like Google, Facebook, etc, are looking for in their staff is exactly what we teach our staff at camp: communication, empathy, critical thinkers, collaboration, problem solving, social responsibility, leadership — the last item on their list of things they are looking for (and it really is the last item on their list) is skill in STEM…

How your child will grow and develop by working at camp

These are just some of the relevant skills that staff learn and develop at camp. What staff get to learn about themselves, others and holding a job is an endless list!

  • Communication – is a key skill learned at camp – talking with others effectively, exchanging information and connecting with campers, peers and supervisors is something that happens all of the time at camp. Staff will have the opportunity to learn how to communicate with others politely, effectively and face to face (not behind the screen of a phone)!
  • Empathy – is a capacity that staff learn at camp as they learn to understand and share the feelings of others — both like them and different from them. Staff will gain empathy for their co-counselors, supervisors and their campers as they spend day in and day out with them and learn about their backgrounds, ideals and more.
  • Critical Thinkers – are developed at camp as staff are put into circumstances where they are forced to analyze and evaluate situations and subsequently form a judgement and take action. No matter what activity staff and campers are at (the pool, archery or soccer) staff will need to critically think in clear, rational ways – informed by evidence and act upon their thinking. Staff are supervised by ‘coaches’ instead of managers that help them through this process both in the moment and during reflection.
  • Collaboration – is a necessary skill for the workplace in the 21st century and it is on display everyday here at camp! Staff work alongside and with each other in order to craft and create the best day possible (safe and fun) for their campers. Without collaboration, camp simply would not function.
  • Problem Solving – is imperative for our staff to hone and develop. It is a skill that staff learn as they need to find solutions to complex problems, issues, disagreements, etc, on a minute to minute basis at camp. Practicing this skill to the extent that staff do at camp allows them to end the summer being masters of solving problems!
  • Social Responsibility – is an obligation to ethical behavior by a person or company. We at Breezemont Day Camp are proud to say that our company has a strong social responsibility program and our staff are able to learn the importance of social responsibility all the time! Since staff are working with youth, they have the opportunity to learn what it feels like to ‘give back’ — although many of our campers come from well to do families, the feeling of helping a camper learn a new skill or come out of their comfort zone is just amazing! Staff also have the opportunity to work with campers who are awarded a scholarship to attend camp, help with charitable giving during our BZMT Gives Back Week and learn about a charity extremely close to our heart: Project Morry
  • Leadership – is something not often taught or learned in schools. The only way to gain the important skill of leadership is by practicing it and by getting experience leading others. At camp, staff are given the opportunity to lead campers who are younger than them as well as be a leader and role model for their peers.

Resume Building

  • Many may quickly dismiss the idea of camp being a great resume builder…but on the contrary, camp is an amazing addition to a resume – or even a great place to start a resume!
  • This summer we are not only providing staff with great resources regarding writing camp jobs on resumes, but we will also be holding a Resume Building Session where we will help staff create or improve their resumes!
  • During the BZMT Resume Building Session we will cover a number of topics including phrasing of camp jobs, resume set up and how to write a cover letter. Here is a sneak peak about what a great camp based cover letter might include:

“I understand that hiring new college graduates is a challenge. Many recent graduates lack the skills that you require to succeed in your workplace, especially communication, collaboration and leadership skills. When you look at my resume, you will see that I worked at Breezemont Day Camp as a counselor. You may be initially inclined to discount this as a light job. Let me suggest that my time at camp is one of the reasons I will be effective for you. As a counselor, I honed my teamwork and communication skills on a daily basis. I was able to practice leadership with a group of 12-18 children. These experiences will help me shine at [company name]. I look forward to talking with you about this.”

  • Check out how one of our former employees included his BZMT summer job on his resume!


  • We love when staff work with people they like! We do our best to staff camp with people that are going to get along. It is a great opportunity for our young staff to work alongside people that will quickly become their family!
  • We even offer bonuses for staff that get their friends to work at camp! The amount for these bonuses are listed on the contract.

Final Thoughts…

  • And on top of all of this, our staff get paid, have the opportunity to earn hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in bonuses, have fun and have access to many, many perks! Check out some of the perks that we offer staff at Breezemont!
  • We look forward to working with your child/our newest employee. We promise to treat your child with the utmost respect and in a professional manner. Due to this potentially being your child’s first job, working at Breezemont this summer is a great opportunity for them to learn and grow. As such, we are happy to help in anyway and would be happy to discuss any pertinent matters with you — feel free to reach out to us at anytime; both before and/or during the Summer! Please remember that this is not only a summer job for them, but a pathway to their future 🙂